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About Halongtourbooker.com

Halongtourbooker.com is the largest cruise operating company online. With seasoned cruise experts specializing in Halong cruise operation, we are a leading travel agent providing well-recognized and respected services.
Our Mission
Halongtourbooker.com is a community offering unbiased and impartial advice, reviews and cruise rating from real travelers with real experiences. Our mission is to provide travelers with cruise packages relevant to their specific interests and requirements. We understand that planning your trip should be fun and exciting, and our easy-to-navigate and informative website database will ensure that you easily find the perfect cruise to suit your needs.
Largest collection
Halongtourbooker.com is in proud possession of the largest collection of Halong cruises online, over 480 and growing. We represent a range of cruises for any budget, from Budget to Deluxe, to Luxury and Premium. With such an abundance of information on our database, from travelers and cruises alike, you are able to make an informed decision for your perfect cruise experience on the bay.
Bestcruiseshalong.com is proud to be the official founder of Best Halong Cruises Award – the first and most reputable annual award for all cruises operating in Halong Bay. The cruise company to have earned this prestigious award receives 1 billion VND and is listed on the website as the top Halong cruise for a period of 3 months. Furthermore a lucky voter will be selected for a free 7 day holiday package in exotic Indochina.
At Bestcruisehalong.com, cruising is our passion, and we want it to be yours too!
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